Three Years Time

 Taken March 10, 2014

Taken March 10, 2014

 Taken March 11, 2017

Taken March 11, 2017

These two photographs are taken three years apart.  The top photo was taken on March 10, 2014, and the picture on the bottom was taken on March 11, 2017.  I always loved the first photo because of the way Averianna looks at her big brother and I thought it would be a fun photo to recreate with them.  I showed both of them the picture, and Averianna was excited to be “the baby” in the recreation.  Cayden also agreed to do it.

So I went and found the blanket, which sadly had been put away.  The blanket that I used quite often when Averianna was a baby, just to lay down on the carpet and set toys out for her.  This blanket was often hung over the Ikea chair that sat in her bedroom when the crib was still set up, and was there for convenience in case either of us got cold while nursing.  I took the blanket, and laid it out, being mindful of where the giraffe was (who is visible in the first photo) to ensure I got this recreation as close to the first as possible.

Next I rallied up the troops.  I had already put Cayden in a plain shirt first thing in the morning, but in the back of my mind was thinking that I needed to change Averianna’s shirt before we attempted the photo.  Of course, by the time we got to making this picture happen, naps had just finished and we were thinking about going to the barn, so Averianna’s shirt no longer was a priority, and instead I thought that I better just get this done before everyone lost their patience with me.  

Both kids had bunnies in tow, and I let them know that first we were going to take the picture Mommy had in mind, and to appease them for their efforts they would get to take a few pictures with their bunnies.  I carefully laid Cayden in position first,  because he has more patience and is way more cooperative than Averianna at the moment.  I checked my camera to make sure all the settings were as I wanted them, and to make sure that what I was seeing in the viewfinder was as the original had looked as well.  Confident in how everything appeared through the viewfinder, I grabbed Averianna, and positioned her arms and feet as best as a three year old will allow (especially considering they don’t quite bend and curve like they did as when they were babies).   I got up on the bathroom stool and “coached” them a bit, taking photographs.  Of course, once the camera clicks once or twice, they think they are done, and all cooperation is out of the window. 

I re-focused them, laid Cayden out again, brought Averianna over again, and tried a few more shots, before they are both completely “gone” and Erik started to look at me like it was time to go to the barn 5 minutes ago.  Finally I tell them, “go get your bunnies,” so we can wrap this up, figuring I’m going to have to attempt this very shot again tomorrow, since time was clearly running out.  

Over the bunnies came and they both laid down one more time.  I take some photos because that was my promise and to my surprise I get the second photograph.  Averianna again with that same expression on her face, looking at her big brother, who she looks up to in so many ways.  It’s not an exact replica, but it reminds me that a copy is never what I was going for.  It was the look in Averianna’s eyes as she gazes at her big brother that initially drew me to the first photoraph, and it came at the very moment when I couldn’t have staged it even if I tried.  

The love they have for each other is something that makes my heart feel full.  And through the fights and bickering, the hitting and the teasing, it’s that look, and love for each other that I need to remind myself of, to keep sanity through this thing called parenting.

This is me

Simply, stated, this is me.  In my coveralls, at the barn, taking a selfie when I should have been getting some work done. 

The 100th Day of School

Today Cayden's JK class celebrated their 100th day of school!  He came home as proud as can be wearing his celebration crown.  It was a 100 connect the dots, with 100 dots to connect!  They were making Fruit Loop necklaces today as well!  He was pretty excited about it and has been practicing counting to 100 for the last couple weeks.  He mostly can get to 100 on his own, he just needs help when he gets to the next "set of tens" (ie/ going from 39 to 40, he needs help with 40).  He's really loving his math and counting!

One of Averianna's favourite things to do is make puzzles.  She often will come over and say, "Mama, make puzzles me?" and it's very often she grabs the box with four wooden puzzles (one is pictured below).  She is so independent and has to do it all herself, but she does need a little guidance and coaching here and there!  

School Valentines

Cayden was pretty excited about all the Valentine's he brought home today.  He ended up with four tattoos, a button and a ton of candy as well.  He loved looking through them and seeing which friends had given which Valentine's.  

Photographers in the Making

Cayden taking charge of the first digital camera that Erik and I ever owned -- also a Fujifilm camera!  We let him play with this several months ago and he had little interest, however, today he took full control, documenting his time at the barn.  

Averianna got her hands on this little toy camera (OK, little is and understatement).  When you push the "shutter" the picture in the viewfinder changes between different animal pictures.  However, for her, she was also taking charge of her camera!

Siblings that chimp together, stay together?

Dirty Windows

I'll admit, I'm a bit of a perfectionist (I'm working on that), and usually when I see finger & hand prints, licks, smudges of who-knows-what, I am pretty quick to grab something to clean it all up.  But this is life right now.  This is everyday, and when the kids are grown up and gone I'm going to miss every little bit of this, even though in the moment, seeing these smudges and prints may drive me a little bit crazy.  

Hint of Warmth

In January, in Canada, you don't get much sun warmth.  But when you get that warm light, especially after a whole day of blowing snow and freezing temperatures, you are reminded that only a few month separate us from the spring time! 

All the beautiful things

A few warm days

We were lucky enough to get a few really warm (record breaking warm) days in November, well into the 20's.  While daylight savings now has it getting dark by 6pm, we still opted to take a short drive to the part to get in a post-school play.  Jackets were off, t-shirts were all we needed, and the evening was gorgeous.  Just as it was getting dark, and we were thinking of heading home, endless geese started flying overhead, assuringly all starting their trip south for the winter. I sure hope these aren't the last nice days, but at this point any days warm enough to wear t-shirts is a bonus!  I'm in the group hoping for a short, warm winter.  I'm longing to come back to the park and spend the evening with the kids here again!