Turning One

First thing in the morning Cayden and I love looking out our big front window.  We can see the birds on the lawn, the cars driving by (well, some times we see a car or two), squirrels, the leaves coming out on the trees and the grass getting greener everyday.  We’ve only been doing this consistently since the weather has started warming up.  I just feel like there is so much happening out there right now as the weather begins to warm up.  This time of the year is a time for change and new beginnings as we say goodbye to winter and welcome spring with big open arms.  Speaking of new beginnings, today marks the one year anniversary of the day I went into labour with my son (tomorrow being his birthday).  And as I held him up to the window, seeing his little eyes discover something new around each corner, I can’t help but think what a difference a year makes.  He has seen four seasons now, coming full circle to the season he was born into.  He has gone from being a completely dependant little infant to a young boy who wants to do thing himself; he’s almost walking, he is saying his first words, he will wave and say “hi”, he loves dancing and music, he enjoys being outside, he will “moo” at the cows and “woof” at the dogs, he is transfixed on the farm equipment, he enjoys feeding himself at breakfast, he has six sharp little teeth (and working on more!), he likes being chased (“Daddy is going to get you!”), he has the best giggles and smiles, he may be developing a bit of an attitude if he doesn’t get what he wants (hehe), he loves playing and watching other kids, he still struggles with his day time naps, and if you ask him, “Can I have a hug?” he will most likely come over at least for a few seconds to give you a hug (well, unless he’s really busy!) And while I look out the window with Cayden, I sometimes wonder if it will be wet spring or a hot summer, I wonder if we’ll get the crops planted in time and if the snow will be back in the fall before we are ready for it.  But most of all I wonder what the next year will bring as Cayden grows and learns new things, and I wonder what our little family will look like a year from now.