In my Jams

Our normal bedtime routine for the last 6 months at least has been as follows: get cleaned up in bath seat, play in bath tub, put on a clean diaper, put on jammies, get into sleep sack, eat and bed.  Last night Cayden was super tired so I thought it was kind of nice to have an early bath and come back downstairs in his jammies to read books and play a little more (the idea was that he was cleaned up early and could go right up to bed once it got to “bedtime”, which was early).  As Cayden gets older we think that will be more the routine, to have a bath and come back downstairs in his jams for another half an hour or so.  Tonight after Cayden’s bath we went into his bedroom to have a last little play for the day.  But since it was getting late already it was fairly brief, and Cayden was really tired.  I got a few pictures of his new jammies and the last moments before *trying* to get to sleep (that was a little challenging tonight, as I think someone has some teeth trouble this week).