January self portrait project

I have been really struggling to feel inspired to shoot lately.  In this part of the world January is cold, and dark.  Often, I get home from work and the sun has already set, or there is little light in the house.  Being a lover of natural light, this has made photography challenging.  On top of that, Cayden is not too willing to participate in any sort of photography project that involves him.  So I decided that instead of fighting with Cayden that I'd challenge myself to get out of a photography rut by shooting self portraits.  I have actually enjoyed them more than I could have imagined, and I think I will attempt to continue to get behind the lens at least once per month.  The window light portrait was obviously done with natural light, as was the portrait with my upper body.  The really dark portrait was done with a desk or table side lamp, so bonus, I didn't even need to take it during the short sunlight hours.  I actually had a lot of fun creating that image, as Cayden was in bed and I was able to play with different lighting set ups until my heart was content!  And content it is, lately.  I am feeling very refreshed and full of inspiration once again.