Weekend Slide Adventure

Yesterday Erik, Cayden and I went to an indoor play ground for Cayden.  He had a really good time!  We came a couple months ago, and it's amazing how much MORE he can do now than back then.  He was all about the slides.  There were three in total, two big ones (pictures below) and one little one that went into a ball pit.  The small one he could do last time, but these two big ones he could only do with help from Erik or I.  This visit was a different story, though.  He did NOT want help at all!  He just wanted to do it on his own!  For big orange tunnel slide Daddy was at the top to help him get into the tunnel (he would only sit outside the tunnel hehe) and Mommy was at the bottom to catch (so he didn't get catapulted too far!).  The climb up was fun too, because he could do that completely on his own, and at times there were other kids going up with him which was cool!  When we were getting ready to leave, Daddy decided the easiest way to get down from the top of the orange slide was to go down with Cayden (since other kids were climbing up).  But Cayden got mad and wanted to do it alone.  It was pretty cute! The blue slide wasn't quite as big, but it had two little bumps in the slide and they really threw him off balance the first couple times he went down it.  Someone had to catch Cayden at the bottom, again, to keep him from catapulting too far off.  This slide had a vertical interior climb to get to the top....which there was no way Cayden could do on his own.  So I had to twist my way into the climber to help Cayden to the top.  Once he did this slide one or two times he had to run off and do something else.  So there was Mommy trying to get out of this silly climber, only to have Cayden run back to it in 2 minutes.

It was a fun morning, and it was so neat to see Cayden's progress with his ability to do many things on his own.  Not only is he getting bigger (able to get out of the ball pit on his own), but he's also stronger (able to hold his balance on the blue slide), and of course he seems to be faster (Mommy was running to catch up to him at one point).  He continues to amaze me with all his little developments!