Almost 2

My little boy is almost 2 years old.  I do not understand how he is already 2, but on the same hand, it feels like he has always been part of our lives!  We have had our joys, struggles, laugher, tears (happy and sad!), frustrations and victories, and I am positive the roller coaster will continue.  And to be completely honest, I wouldn't want it any other way.  Cayden has brought so much to our lives, he has filled a hole we never knew existed.  He makes every single day more special than the last, and just when we thought he was at his cuteness peak, he gets cuter!  He is learning so many words every day, and mimics everything we say.  He loves coming to the barn, and as the days are warming up, he enjoys playing in his sandbox and getting dirty.  Moving cows, feeding the calves and the kitties, and riding in the skid steer are top jobs for Cayden at the barn.  He loves being busy and active, at Hannah's house, at Gym Joy with Grandma, the Early Years Centre, and even at home with just him and his Mommy or Daddy.  He starts playing and interacting more with other kids, instead of being in his own little toddler bubble.  As busy as he is on most days, he does enjoys playing in play dough, or colouring with his crayons in his high chair and taking a few minutes to really concentrate hard on his fine motor skills.  Trucks, tractors, excavators, backhoes, skid steers and most big vehicles with wheels are a hit and a sure win for Cayden.  Trains are slowly coming into the picture too, with Thomas being an up and coming star in Cayden's toddlerhood.  Mommy has stopped calling him the "baby" and he is now referred to as a "big boy" on a regular basis.  His big boy title is well deserved as he is becoming more independent in many daily routines and activities.  He still naps for a couple hours in the afternoon, but as soon as he wakes up he's ready to "and go!" (his words).  Even if it's getting later in the afternoon and we decide it's best he wakes up, from a dead sleep he rolls for two seconds, rubs his eyes once and is ready to go again.  He loves his apple juice, which he gets from his Mommy (she was a huge fan when she was little).  Favourite foods include cheese filled sausages, pancakes and maple syrup, oatmeal and berries, eggs, noodles and rice.  He's a big milk drinker, but currently thinks that everyone at the table has to drink at the same time as him.  All his little quirks and personality traits are what make him Cayden and we love every little bit of it, and him, so much.  Happy (almost!) birthday, Cayden, I can only imagine what the next year brings for us as a family!


And just for fun, this is Cayden 1 year previous: