Afternoon post-nap play

This afternoon Cayden and I went to play in his bedroom.  I had an idea for a picture I wanted to get that included him on his bed (like this) reading a book.  Well, my plan was thwarted pretty quick and Cayden had his space ship up on the bed.  That was fine though, because he was enthralled with it long enough that I could get a few pictures.  There are four "people" that go into this space ship, and one is "Ka" (or "Ca", whichever!).  Ka goes a lot of places with Cayden.  He falls asleep with her at night nine times out of ten, and today he took her outside when he went in the tractor with Daddy.  He doesn't play with her all the time, but she usually isn't far away.  Anyways, he had the other three people for this space ship, but he had already taken Ka downstairs.  He was asking for help to get someone into the fourth spot on the space ship, and I told him, "that is where Ka goes".  Well, if I didn't have to go get Ka!  We put her in and I think he was pretty pleased with himself to have her as part of his space team.  I'm pretty sure he wasn't even aware that she belonged as part of this toy.  Now that I have typed this all out, I kind of wish I had have got a picture of Ka in all her peeling-painted-plastic glory!  Perhaps another day soon!