Loading Eggs

For Easter time Cayden got a bunch of plastic eggs that had little treats inside of them.  The treats are long gone, but the eggs remain quite a novelty to him.  A favourite task (that gets completed several times every day) has been to load up the eggs into the tractor wagon.  Mommy usually gets the loader tractor to operate to help Cayden.  Today Cayden was operating the tractor, and I was supposed to be operating the skid-steer, but I had to capture a photo of this daily routine of ours.  I must also add that we have to do this first thing in the morning when I'm trying to get breakfast ready to get out the door, and Cayden is usually hungry and cranky but not too sure why I cannot sit and play with him.  It is quite the spectacle.  On top of it all, as soon as the eggs have been loaded all up, Cayden gives a big, "oh-no!" and dumps them all out.  It is just one of his many toddler routines, at the moment.  We turn it into a learning experiences though, and he actually is pretty good with the colours of the eggs.  If you ask him to grab a yellow egg, you'll be pretty sure to get it.