CP Holiday Train

On Sunday we took Cayden and Averianna (who slept the entire time) to the CP Holiday Train.  Since Cayden loves trains and music we thought it would be a perfect event for him.  We were not wrong as he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  You may not always be able to tell by these pictures (he is pretty serious about this stuff!), he was bouncing during the music, clapping with a huge grin after each song and when the train pulled out to leave he said (with a really sad face) "Train come back" (poor guy!).  It was a lot of fun and definitely going to become a yearly tradition for our family!

The Holiday Train is coming down the tracks! And Cayden finally knows why we are standing around waiting!

Once the train parked, the box car opened to reveal stage for the bands.

And Averianna slept through most of it (but I wanted to include a picture so we remembered that she came!)

Santa made an appearance at the end!

Train leaving the station (it backed up and went back the way it came!)

A very tired boy got to end the night with a cookie in hand!  It was a late night for him, but well worth it!