Santa Claus Parade 2013

On Saturday we went to the Santa Claus Parade with Cayden.  (Averianna got to stay home with Grandma, because it was cold!).  He really does enjoy these events, even though in the pictures he looks pretty serious!  I think it's just his way of taking everything in.  At night time we've been reading a book called "Christmas Parade".  "Christmas Parade" is all about a marching band and the sounds that all the instruments make, so it was really neat for him to see the bands in the parade.  It was a cold day, but the parade was just the perfect length for us to get inside before we got too cold.  We'll be back next year!

When you know a lot of people in the parade, you get a lot of candy (too much for a 2 year old!)

The man himself, Santa Claus!