The last year has been a bit of a blur in a lot of ways -- clearly we have been very busy.  We have made a lot of "life changes" from spring 2014 to now, all for the better, but it has definitely taken its toll on my available free time to do any extras.  However, I really miss taking and sharing my photos!  I've still taken a lot of images this last year, many of which will never be fully edited just because other things need to be prioritized at the moment.  But moving forward, I am going to be a little more intentional with my photography again and share some of our moments.  I feel like the focus will shift slightly -- to more "every day" moments rather than anything elaborate or staged.  I just want memories of how life is each day for us now -- in all its messy glory!  I'm sure some artistic captures will find their way out occasionally. Averianna is coming up on 18 months old, and Cayden is about to celebrate his 4th birthday.  The farm is only a couple months away from the start of another "season" of busyness (which lasts 3 seasons, and that's OK!)  We still have a lots going on and more often than not I wonder where the weeks and months have gone.  Life is a bit of a blur with two kids, and I have no idea how Mom's with 3 or more function haha!!

Last weekend we were "dog sitting" for a friend, and the kids had a blast with these two little extras running around.  I've always been so drawn to human and animal interactions, so I also had fun photographing them while they were here.  And while we did love the extra companionship, house dogs are not in our near future!  Perhaps they are in the distant, not-so-near future though...maybe Erik thinks I'm crazy.