Daily Happenings

Just some daily happenings around our house.  I swear, it doesn't matter how many times we tell the kiddos not to climb on the coffee table, they still think it's part of their play ground.  The sad thing is, I think Cayden gets it...it's Averianna that is the bad influence!  After they were both sitting in the toy bin together, Cayden came out and Averianna tipped over.  But she couldn't get out on her own...she was just laying there, sitting in the bin, but actually laying down.  Of course Cayden didn't think he needed to help! mischief

But they really are best friends.  They want to do everything together.  What one is doing the other one wants to do too.  I'm not sure who went to the window first, but the other was soon to follow.   Averianna climbed up the top of the couch, so Cayden had to as well.  Their sibling bond is strong, I can only hope that they continue to be life long friends.