Day 3 - To The Netherlands

Taking the high-speed train from Paris to Rotterdam Everywhere Cayden goes, he finds tractors


Opa and Oma's house (again, the tractors)


The farm where Erik grew up was recently changed into a massive park.  This was my first time being to the farm since it didn't have cows.  The first image is the original front of the barn, and off to the right side of the image below you can see part of the house (which is now offices).  It was rather sad to see the farm like this, even though it is going to be a beautiful place for people to walk, job, bike, etc.  The few times I have been to Holland were all spent on this farm and it is sad that it is no longer.  I can only imagine how the Erik and the rest of the family feels about all the changes.

As today was our first day in Holland, we just went to "The Park" briefly.  It was raining and everything was closed, but I wanted to make sure I got here to show Cayden (although, he was less than interested).  We DID get back on our last day, so there are more pictures to follow!