Two Years Old

Averianna, today you turn two years old!  You are still so young, but we can see the girl you're becoming each and every day.  You have so much joy, love and spunk within you, and somedays we wonder how full our hands are going to be with your strong-willed attitude!  You know what you want, and you sure let us know!  You love coming to the barn to help with chores, and being active on the farm.  You get right into the sandbox (and sometimes the mud puddles) and love to be outside.  You love your brother, and he loves you, and if you guys have the chance to be together, you will be.  Your talking is developing every day, and it amazes me how many words you know now.  Your bunny is still one of your favourite things, alongside that binky!  You love colouring, making 'ice cream cones', doing puzzles, reading books and being really active!  Lately, "Goodnight Moon" has been one of your favourite books (although, I'm sure you'll have new favourites every month or two), and you love finding the moon in the sky (day or night!).  We go to gymnastics every week right now, and the balance beam and trampoline are definitely your favourites, and I see you improving every week with your skills!  There are so many more great adventures to come for you Averianna.  I love you (and so does your Daddy and brother), and I am so happy that we get to be a part of watching you grow.  I am excited to see what next year brings, but at the same time, we are having so much fun right now and I can't believe how fast the time is going.  Enjoy your special day, we love you "to the moon and back"!