The 100th Day of School

Today Cayden's JK class celebrated their 100th day of school!  He came home as proud as can be wearing his celebration crown.  It was a 100 connect the dots, with 100 dots to connect!  They were making Fruit Loop necklaces today as well!  He was pretty excited about it and has been practicing counting to 100 for the last couple weeks.  He mostly can get to 100 on his own, he just needs help when he gets to the next "set of tens" (ie/ going from 39 to 40, he needs help with 40).  He's really loving his math and counting!

One of Averianna's favourite things to do is make puzzles.  She often will come over and say, "Mama, make puzzles me?" and it's very often she grabs the box with four wooden puzzles (one is pictured below).  She is so independent and has to do it all herself, but she does need a little guidance and coaching here and there!