Homemade Quilt

For Christmas this year I made Averianna a quilt that would fit over her whole bed. She previously only had her little crib-sized quilt. Now, I’m not any kind of an expert when it comes to sewing, but I really do enjoy watching something like this come together.

The kids each got a quilt a few years ago for Christmas (the crib-sized one for Averianna mentioned above, and a double-sized one for Cayden). Both quilts were quickly pushed away to get to the real presents, the toys! Now, I am totally okay with this — I mean, they are kids after all! But leading up to Christmas day this year I started thinking about how this gift (and the homemade pillow I made for Cayden) would be received amongst all the excitement.


What I realized during this reflection though, was the timelessness these gifts have, even if they aren’t the highlights of their Christmas morning (and I definitely do not expect a quilt to by a highlight for either of my kids' on Christmas morning, just to be clear!) Cayden has to have his quilt on his bed every night, and often he chooses to only sleep under it. And I’m pretty sure if you asked him what toys he got the year he also got his quilt, he would draw up a blank.


This fall I told Averianna that I would make her a bigger quilt if she wanted one; of course she said yes. Knowing this quilt would become a Christmas present, I also asked Cayden if he’d like me to make him a new one, not to replace the old one, but in addition to it, because I didn’t want him to be disappointed Christmas morning having not received one. Cayden said he’d like me to make him a pillow (which I also quilted) instead of a quilt, so that is what he ended up getting.

The homemade presents were opened with joy this year. Both kids said they forgot I said I would be making them anything at all, so it was a nice surprise for both. They also both gave huge hugs when opening their homemade gifts this year. I know it comes with them getting old, but this Christmas was filled with as much excitement as the last few, however, was just a tad bit slower, and seemed to come with a lot of gratitude, which of course fills me heart with joy.