Family Hiking

The break the kids get for Christmas and New Years is wrapping up this week, and we have had such a nice, quite couple of weeks. We hardly have went anywhere, other than spending time back in our bush, going on little hikes with all of us.


While we haven’t left the farmstead really at all, we have been all over! Each time we went out we had a different plan for where to hike to and where to explore. Our woodlot is actually quite rolling; there are lots of high ridges, and there is a creek running through a good part of it that we had to figure out a way to get across. Since we’ve had such a wet late-summer and fall, the water was quite high and moving fairly fast. We walked a good bit along it before finding a narrow spot to walk through (in our tall rubber boots, the kids got carried across).


Of course our dog, Coco got to come too. She was in heaven each time. This is Coco in her element — exploring, colder weather, getting to run free. She was mostly staying with us, with the exception of chasing a bunny she happened to come across on one of our times back at the bush.

Beyond that, we didn’t see much wildlife. There are tons of fresh deer trails, so they have definitely been around, but they probably heard the kids coming from a mile away and were long gone by the time we made it inside.

The sun is still setting fairly early, since we’ve just reached our longest day of the year. Most days by 5pm it’s dark. All the day we went back to our bush but one we had overcast, grey skies, so those days light faded even quicker. We did get some nice sunshine one of the days though, and it was lovely to see it shining through, warming us up even though the air was still cold.