Life is not this perfect

OK I need to put a disclaimer on this photo. Our life with kids is never this perfect!!! It's always run, run, running everywhere, chasing, yelling, yelping, squealing, crying, (Mommy crying), fighting, everyone being grumpy, scraped knees, sweaty, stinky, manure on the hands...and well, you get the point. Tonight we had help with chores, so I was trying to get this picture for well...about 2 hours. Between sweeping the floor up, grabbing a fresh camera battery, changing lenses, changing clothes...and that doesn't even get into the whole struggle it was to get both kids to cooperate!! HOWEVER -- the stars aligned for 30 seconds, Averianna and Cayden sat together perfectly (well, I sat them together and they magically stayed), and if Averianna didn't put her head on Cayden's shoulder. Those 30 seconds made the whole fiasco worth it and there is no way I would trade all that other stuff ^^^^ in for the world!!!


The Goats name is Goat

Last year Cayden got to pick a goat to come live with us, and he named her Goat.  I know, it's very original.  I'm slowly trying to give him some other options, but he hasn't been overly receptive.  I'll keep you posted how it goes. 4-photo_web

Keep moving to stay warm

It has been a bit of a mild weekend, and by the sounds of the weather we're about to get some drastically colder temperatures with a bit (a ton!) of snow.  I thought taking Cayden out to the barn to burn off some energy would be a good idea. IMG_0695_webIMG_0775_webIMG_0809_webIMG_0830_web